I finally started to do something for me,
but then you all suddenly,
seemed to be so woried…
But why? Why were you so worried?

I did something for me finally,
but you all seem to intentionally make me feel worse.
Why? Why are you doing it to me?

I had an idea of doing something for me,
but you all thought I’m changing sick!
Why?! Why don’t you belive in me?!

Once a time ago, there was an idea for me,
to make my life better for myself…
But it all ended with nothing,
everybody made me fell so bad,
that I didn’t care any longer about that.

There was a idea of making me slimmer,
but it was a long time ago,
When all my friends turned against me…
Why? Why did they leave me?

I’ll never again think that something I did was perfect.
It will always be for the birds, just as I am!
But why? Why am I so worthless?

It all started long time ago…
When I wanted to finally do something for myself.

So what was my story about? I think this will be a hint for those, who don’t share my fate…